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Justice, Heroes and Research

Written by: Jennifer Ritz

Red Raiders raise the “Bar” and cheat death in a WW II POW camp; Dr. Bailey’s map to Tier 1 are all in the next Texas Techsan magazine! Don’t miss a single issue. Join or renew by July 15 to make sure you receive the September/October issue.

Alumnus Paul K. Stafford, who received his law degree in '94 from the Texas Tech School of Law, is serving as the 103rd president of the nearly 11,000-member Dallas Bar Association. He is an outstanding and award-winning attorney, a feather in Texas Tech's cap!

Homer Jones '48 is a World War II veteran whose plane was shot down by the Germans. He was captured and held in a prisoner of war camp. This story delves into the captivating war story of one of the "Greatest Generation."

Read about Texas Tech University President Guy Bailey's plans to elevate Texas Tech to Tier 1 status by 2022. Benefits of moving to Tier 1 include making Texas Tech University an institution of first choice for more students and offering more educational experiences. The new status also will have a positive impact on Lubbock and West Texas.