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Alumni Association Representatives to Assist in Search for the Next President of Texas Tech University

Three members of the Texas Tech Alumni Association (TTAA) National Board of Directors, as well as Executive Vice President and CEO Bill Dean, have been tapped to serve on the advisory council to represent Texas Tech alumni in selecting the next president of Texas Tech University.

Board members Cassandra L. “Sandy” Henry of Lubbock; Linda Rutherford of Carrollton, and Bobby Waddle of DeSoto, will work as part of the 26-member council to find the highest qualified candidate to fill the position.

The TTAA, an independent affiliate of Texas Tech University, is organized to support the administration and other groups in promoting excellence throughout the university.

The association also serves as a communication exchange between the university and its alumni and friends throughout the world and provides both volunteer service and financial support for the university.

Here’s what the TTAA representatives had to say about serving on the committee:

Bill Dean, Ed.D., ’61, ’65, ’71, Lubbock
Major: BBA in Marketing, MSE in Education Administration, Ed.D. in Secondary Education
Occupation: Executive Vice President and CEO, Texas Tech Alumni Association; Associate Professor, College of Media and Communication, Texas Tech University

“I am very honored to serve on the council and I am very pleased to see several members of our national board also on the council.”

Sandy Henry, ’67, Lubbock
Major: BA, French, Secondary Teaching Certification (1967); MS Interdisciplinary Studies (2003); Minor: English
Occupation: Science Spectrum Museum Director

“It is a privilege to help in the selection process for the next president of Texas Tech University. With the path to Tier One status well established, the choice of the next president to lead is ever important."

Linda Rutherford ’88, Carrollton
Major: Journalism; Minor: Spanish
Occupation: Vice President Communication & Strategic Outreach at Southwest Airlines

“Working with fellow fans of Texas Tech, I am honored to be part of the process that will help identify the right talent to bring to Lubbock as our university's next president,” Rutherford said.

Bobby Waddle ’55, De Soto
Major: BS in Ag Education
Occupation: Manages family agricultural interest, Col. (Ret.) USAF

“I am first honored to be a member of the national board of directors of the alumni association and to also have been selected to serve on the advisory council to the presidential search committee," Waddle said. "I am confident that the council will provide its utmost support and due diligence to the search committee in their endeavor to select a slate of highly qualified candidates for consideration as the 16th president of Texas Tech.”